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Smooth handling, stylish, and brilliant fun to ride.

Triumph Street Scrambler riding in urban environment



The new 2019 Street Scrambler continues Triumph’s unparalleled bloodline of authentic and beautiful scramblers, with a stunning urban modern classic that delivers all of the rugged off-road attitude and cool versatility that has earned its reputation as one of our most accessible and stylish motorcycles.  



Handsome Man with luscious hair smiling standing next to brand new Triumph Street Scrambler

Launched in 2017 this significantly updated new generation can trace its lineage all the way back to the early 1960s, when scrambling was born, with the world’s first factory scramblers, the iconic Bonneville T120TT and TR6C.  Agile, dynamic, torque-heavy motorcycles built to fuel this exciting way of riding, they created a distinctive style all of their own with high pipes, wide bars, commanding riding position, bench seats and that timeless silhouette.

Street Scrambler with white tank

And now, new-for-2019 enhancements take the Street Scrambler to a whole new level with an updated 900cc twin Bonneville engine that delivers 10PS more power, new first-in-class technology with three riding modes, a higher specification of equipment including Brembo front brakes, class-leading detailing and finish, and even more distinctive scrambler poise and style.


Let’s take a closer look at what makes the new 2019 Street Scrambler brilliant fun to ride.

Triumph Street Scrambler Engine


Triumph Motorcycles are committed to developing motorbikes that deliver the perfect riding experience through a fusion of precise confidence-inspiring easy-handling, thrilling torque-rich engines and distinctive original design. Through constant evolution our aim is to always provide our riders with the best possible riding experience and to offer the most inspiring and exciting range of motorcycles. Now with the new 2019 Street Scrambler there is even more class-leading capability to choose from in our iconic modern classic line-up.

Triumph Street Scrambler Twin Exhaust


The Street Scrambler’s distinctive style and poise come courtesy of a host of engineering innovations, the most intricate of which being its signature high pipes which invisibly incorporate a full catalyst system. Delivering the Street Scrambler’s uninterrupted lines the header pipes have been crafted using dual inner and outer skins, laser cut to manage the exhaust gasses without interrupting the clean and elegant lines of the system.


Whether you’re cruising the streets or riding the dirt tracks and green lanes, the Street Scrambler is designed to deliver easy precise handling and a balanced agile feel, with a level of custom style and rugged attitude that is instantly recognisable and stands out from the crowd.  Intuitive, confidence-inspiring and (more than anything else) fun to ride, this beautiful motorbike provides a wonderfully accessible option for riders looking for a distinctive motorcycling experience.




Street Scrambler with Green and Aluminium coloured tank


Unique iconic clean lines, minimal bodywork, and premium modern finishes; the Street Scrambler is one of the most beautiful eye-catching motorcycles you’ll find. The authentic scrambler styling and enhanced ergonomics give a commanding riding position and incredible all-round performance and riding feel.

Triumph Street Scrambler Instruments


The instantly recognisable Scrambler style is complemented perfectly by advanced riding technology that’s hidden for minimal visual impact, including a ride-by-wire system with three class-leading riding modes (Road, Rain and Off-Road) for enhanced control, liquid cooling system for fuel efficiency, and its signature clean line hidden cat box exhaust pipe run.

Triumph Street Scrambler side on image of engine and exhaust


A high performance high torque 900cc twin Bonneville is the impressive engine that powers the Street Scrambler.  With 10PS more power for 2019, it has been designed and tuned for low-down torque and instant response right through the rev range, delivering a unique character to this versatile motorcycle, which is of course is all part of its character and charm.


To meet Euro 4 emissions expectations, the new 2019 Street Scrambler’s 900cc Bonneville engine’s liquid cooling delivers efficiency improvements and enables rapid engine warmup to minimise cold start emissions.  The iconic cylinder head fins still deliver an amount of air cooling that contributes to the Street Scrambler’s minimal radiator profile and size.



Beautiful image of Triumph Street Scrambler in front of a brick wall


Achieving high levels of modern engineering excellence together with beautiful lines and creative flair, there is a uniquely Britishness style to the Street Scrambler.  And this distinctive Triumph twin, with its unique compact high level exhaust system, generates an unmistakable scrambler soundtrack – one of the great British motorcycle sounds – to match this bike’s rugged character.

Triumph Street Scrambler logo on side panel


The Street Scrambler’s stripped-back custom design reflects the signature hallmarks of original scrambling style, and for this new 2019 generation there’s an even higher level of premium contemporary branding including a new Street Scrambler logo, new instrument styling, and a new adventure-oriented seat finish.  This comes in addition to a host of high value modern finishes including an elegant fuel tank and single throttle body with aluminium finisher, black sculpted engine covers and subtle minimal side panels & mudguards.