Base Layer - Anti Wicking Long Sleeve


style code: MFNS15125 POA

These riding base layers have been designed specifically for the motorcycle rider. Most base layers use a nylon or polyester base fabric to maximise the wicking properties required of a base layer, however in the result of an accident these fibres can burn or melt onto the skin.

Triumph have incorporated SILURAN®-patented Cool-Down Technology with SILVERPLUS® antibacterial functions into a base fabric of cotton to maintain the maximum levels of wicking and comfort but with a better level of function for a motorcycle rider as cotton does not burn when rubbed against the skin.

    Perspiration-absorbing textile with SILVERPLUS® protective system, optimum moisture evaporation on the textile‘s face. Moisture evaporation between skin/textile Perspiration-producing skin.

  • Hydrophilic properties and high evaporation.
  • COOLING-DOWN properties.
  • Softness with antistatic effects.
  • TOTAL-WEAR-COMFORT in combination with SILVERPLUS®.
  • Imparts wash-resistant hydrophilic properties.
  • Perfect synergism of freshness and optimised moisture transport.
sizes available: L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL

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